Network Tape Backup

Network Backup for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
Why Choose a Disk Based Backup Solution?

No more storage sprawl. This block-level SAN network backup solution provides backup and recovery to heterogeneous servers and workstations across your Ethernet network.

A simple-to-use management interface, accessible via web browser, puts control over network backup and restore services at your fingertips – anytime, and from anywhere.

A tiered iSCSI D2D2T strategy eliminates costly downtime associated with network backup to and restore from tape. Backup to disk occurs up to 28.8 TB/hour, and restore of critical files is near instantaneous.

When you're ready to backup to tape, for offsite storage and disaster recovery, it's a serverless operation, with no impact on production servers and software overhead to slow you down. And to leverage your existing investments, it utilizes your existing backup software and will work with your existing tape drive or library as well. With D2D network backup up front, you can reduce tape backups significantly – to reduce media, off-site transportation and storage costs.
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